1. A) Use the following 6 word pairs to write meaningful and correct sentences. You may change the form of the word if needed. See the example: (12 points – 2 points each)


e.g.: discuss/ examine

We examined the problem and discussed the solutions in details.


  1. primary / benefit

The water primary benefit good for body.

  1. sufficient / fund

The money sufficient fund for people.

  1. credit /commission

The credit commission take money.

  1. mental/ capacity

Mental capacity for children very high.

  1. achieve/ target

My daughter achieve target in the future.

  1. domestic /conflict

Everybody have domestic conflict.



  1. B) Write a PARAGRAPH using any of the 5 words from the word list below. (13 points)

You may change the form of the word if needed.


You will be graded on the following bases:


  • Meaning: have you used the correct meaning of the word? (1 point each)
  • Grammar: have you used the word grammatically correctly? (1 point each)
  • Coherence: does the paragraph makes sense as a whole? (3points overall)


factor, debate, attitude, domestic, achieve, strategy, conflict

Use the back of this paper to write your paragraph.

Total points:              /25



The all people have strategy in the life like debate together for fixed the problems. Everybody won’t achieve public security of the state .good factor with people. Achieve domestic security of the state.

I love my country I hope security always remains.



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