1. A) Use the following 6 word pairs to write meaningful and correct sentences. You may change the form of the word if needed. See the example: (12 points – 2 points each)


e.g.: discuss/ examine

We examined the problem and discussed the solutions in details.


  1. individual/ task

Every individual in the team have task.

  1. access / site

That access difficult site.

  1. culture /survey

Some countries have culture survey.

  1. function/ media

Media function verey nice.

  1. relevant /source

relevant news source trusted


  1. B) Write a PARAGRAPH using any of the 5 words from the word list below. (13 points)

You may change the form of the word if needed.


You will be graded on the following bases:


  • Meaning: have you used the correct meaning of the word? (1 point each)
  • Grammar: have you used the word grammatically correctly? (1 point each)
  • Coherence: does the paragraph makes sense as a whole? (3 points overall)


media, access, considerable, relevant, obvious, culture, source



Today I won’t typing about the media because very important for people. The first goal for media how access for the whole world. Also care about cultures different. Searching for information consists of a reliable source. The media obvious of information for people. The evolution of the media much in the present.


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