Week 7 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
51 Context – n  سياق الكلام case I understand the lesson of context.
52 Obvious – adj  واضح clear Voice the teacher obvious.
53 Sector – n  قطاع strip My brother works in the private sector.
54 Version – n  الاصدار novel A new version of the film.
55 Principal – adj  رئيسي major My husband principal in his work.
56 Media – n  وسائل الاعلام media Diversified media at the present time.
57 Relevant – adj  ذو صله relevant No relevant with Sara.
58 Survey – v  دراسه study I will survey for project.
59 Aid – v  ساعد help I like aid anther people.
60 Complex – adj معقد intricate The lesson often complex.
61 Nevertheless – adv مع ذالك none the less The work hard nevertheless I don’t stop.
62 Function – n  وظيفه job I like my function.

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